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Jesus Christ Superstar Vienna

Last week, I visited Jesus Christ Superstar in Vienna. People on a board asked me for a report, and I thought I could just as well post it here. It turned out to be a bit long...

Jesus Christ Superstar, 6 April 2012
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This will probably be the last time I'm using the tag "study"... luckily! Because I managed!!!

Yesterday, I had the defence for my graduation project. Yes, I already know I was getting a pass grade, but still... nerves all around. But it went very well, had a nice talk about my project, did a good presentation (I always say I'm not good in presentations, but everyone who listens thinks otherwise...), and got a good grad!

And now I'm graduated!! (ok, still have to get my diploma in a few weeks), and I'll never start a study again!! (that won't say I'll never learn things again, and that I won't follow any courses, but a couple of years of studying for a bachelor of master? Never!)


I believe I just digitally handed in my final report... I'm done!!!! I still have to print it tomorrow and hand it in manually on Monday, but still... it's finished! It's a really weird feeling, and I don't believe it completely...
Now I just have to wait what they think of it and hope that it will be good enough to pass this assignment and finally finish my study...


Why always those flat tires??

*starts rant*
Why... why do people throw glass on the streets?? Now I have a flat tire on my bike for the second time in 2 weeks (ok, last time it wasn't glass, but it was a nail... just as bad). Had to walk half the way from the station to my home on my boots that are absolutely not suitable for walking longer distances... Hate it...
And I can't get my files transferred from my old laptop to my new one...
*end rant*

On the bright side... I have Christmas holiday!! For more than 2 weeks!! 
(and now I'm just not thinking about the fact that I have to finish my final report for my study in those 2 weeks...)

New reading materials

 I've decided to take "A Game of Thrones" of my "I have to read this book once..."-list, and order the book, just before my holiday (at least holiday from work) starts. I think I know what I'm going to take with me to Berlin in almost 2 weeks :D (and ok, I also ordered the third book of House of Night... maybe not a really outstanding book, but I liked the previous parts).
New reading material :D

Elisabeth in Köln

I promised some people I would try to write a review about Elisabeth, and I think I managed. Here it is!

First of all... the location of the Musical Dome in Cologne is not really good for us. And I mean that in not good, because I probably want to go more often, and that costs money! (I often see the train to Cologne when I come back from work, and finding out the theatre is next to the train station isn't helping in making the drive to get on that train any less... "Luckily" I don't have time the next 2 weeks when Elisabeth is still playing there...

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Study, study, study...

I knew I wasn't good in keeping a blog... I was hoping in placing a lot of reports from shows I've seen, but real life is getting in the way. Usually after I come home I'm too tired to write one, and later I have to write my final report instead of reports of shows I've seen. But the good news is: I can see the end of the final report! If all goes well, I should be able to finish it in one or two weeks! At one hand, I'm really glad that it will be finished, at the other hand it's freaking me out, because then they have to grade it, and what if it isn't good??? But then I would be finished studying. For ever! (if I ever want to start a new study, can anyone remember me that I said those words??)

And as for musical shows... I'm looking forward to the next weekend when I'll be seeing Tick Tick Boom (I really don't know anything about this show, only the writer, so I'm curious), Elisabeth (and finally seeing Mark Seibert in a part in a musical!) this weekend, and 2x Rebecca next week. 

*goes and buries herself in self-evaluation, proving competences and writing financial overviews again for a day*


I know... after my holiday last week, I should probably write a very long and enthousiastic report about the 2 great shows of Tanz der Vampire in Stuttgart I saw (they were really great, I just don't know if I can put my feelings in words). Or I should write a report about the beautiful things I saw when fanetjuh and me were searching for Ludwig II by visiting Neuschwanstein, Hohe Schwangau, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee (how I love those castles... especially Linderhof, I fell in love with that place)

But then I came back and saw a picture from the Sankt Gallen version of Rebecca, and was so touched by it... After all those months hearing that Thomas Borchert is to strong for Maxim, won't be able to break down, I hope he is going to prove otherwise, and I have so much confidence in him, especially after seeing this picture:
Thomas Borchert Rebecca

Off to Germany!

So... my suitcase is almost packed, my friend already here, still one night sleep and we're off to Stuttgart! Sunday, we're seeing the last two shows of Tanz der Vampire over there... I'm curious about how the dernière will be and sad that it will be finished after that. Luckily there is Berlin to look forward too!
And after that still a couple of days holiday in Bavaria. Sightseeing in the castles of Ludwig II. So looking forward to that!!

Sep. 27th, 2011

Good... I already was looking forward to Elisabeth. That didn't became less when I found some new pictures tonight... I think I have to make new icons...
(and yes, I still have some reports of the shows I saw last weeks to write, but I'm just so tired I don't have the energy at the moment)

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